Eyelid Surgery Instructions


  • The first week you will need to rest frequently. You may walk round the house as tolerated.
  • Sleep on your back with head elevated at least for the first week to decrease swelling.
    Avoid sleeping on your side.
  • Every 2-3 hours take deep breaths to expand your lungs.
  • Avoid picking anything up greater than I0 lbs. or bending over the first week.
    The doctor will tell you when you can lift anything heavier.
  • Do not exercise until told to do so.
  • Do not drive the first week or while you are taking your pain medication.
    You should continue to wear a seat belt.
  • Do not smoke or be around smoke at least the first 2 weeks. This could interfere with healing.



  • Eat light the first 24 hours, clear liquids advancing to regular diet as tolerated.
  • If you have persistent nausea stick to a bland diet until it subsides.
  • The pain medicine may cause constipation. Drink plenty of fluids.
    You may take an over the counter laxative.



  • Your eyes will be red, swollen, and bruised. They may be swollen for 2 days and will start improving thereafter.
  • You will need to apply an ice pack to the eyes for 20 min, on and 20 min off while awake the first 48 hrs.
  • You may experience some oozing of blood from the incisions, this is normal.
    You may dab them dry, but do not rub the eyes.
  • If you have excessive swelling, pain, or difficulty seeing from your eye call the office immediately.
  • Do not shower for the first 24 hours.
  • Do not color or perm hair for 4 weeks.
  • We recommend you get fresh make-up. Especially eye make-up.
  • If you have sutures they will be removed at your first visit in 4-7 days.



  • The antibiotic should be taken until it is completed as prescribed.
  • Thepain medicine is a narcotic and should be taken as prescribed. Do not take any Tylenol while taking the pain medicine. The medication we prescribe already has Tylenol in it.
  • Do not drink alcohol or drive while you are taking the pain medication
  • The pain medicine can cause nausea and should be taken with food at each dose.
  • You may resume your regular medication after your surgery except for Ibuprofen and Vitamin E (wait at least 5 days post-op)
  • If you are on aspirin or coumadin check with our doctor as to when you can resume.


Call the office if you have:

  • A temperature greater than 101 degrees.
  • Excessive bleeding saturating the dressings.
  • A sudden increase in drainage, pain, or swelling at the incision site or the surrounding area.
  • If you have persistent vomiting, have a pharmacy number so a script can be called in.
  • Any questions regarding your care.



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